Bila baca balik blog ni, ada jugak rasa nak sepak  muka sendiri. Meroyan banyak dalam ni hahahaha. Mamat yang aku suka tu pun nak kawin dah. HAHAHA aku? Same ol' same ol' single af and focusing on my baking career.

As for my weight loss, last aku baca dalam post ni I lose like 12kgs. And after that I managed to lose a total of 22kgs, BUT GUESS WHAT????? I GAINED BACK ALL THE WEIGHT I LOSE BEFORE................................HAHAHAHAH WTF SO DEPRESSING AHAHAH

ok la tu jela kot. hahahah
2014 has been some hard year for me so far. It's amazing I'm still standing strong (not). You know...I've been struggling with a lot of things. I just need to settle things one by one. BIG SIGH. Come on Aida, don't ever back down. I must fight through. It's just that I wish I were strong. I need to. Hmm. SO much emo post lately.
Allah..I've fell for this guy so hard..and I've realized that I've been in love with him since...emm quite a long time....it's just that I didn't realize it, I wonder if he knows that I like him. :( I don't want to be in relationship, I just want the halal and blessed relationship. But you know....I feel like "syok sendiri" which is kinda sad. I know I liked him because of Allah. You know, I feel like Allah is directing me towards him, in a good way. IDK if this is the real thing or just some heart play. I don't want to get my heart broken all over again. :(